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"Businesses of all shapes and sizes can potentially benefit from online accounting, but the biggest beneficiaries are often the smallest organisations" - ICAEW Information Technology Guide to Online Accounting Software 2008

Online accounting software does much the same as software bought to use on a PC or network, however there are a number of advantages for the small business:

  • No software to buy. All that is needed is access to the internet.
  • Always using the latest version. No updates to install or issues of version compatibility between different users
  • No need to worry about data security. Back ups are taken centrally and even disaster recovery is handled.
  • No need to send data back and forth between the business and its accountant
  • It is easier for accountant to produce accounts and to assist with various reporting requirements, for example end of year employer returns.

Whilst most small businesses have relatively straight forward accounting needs every business is different. So care needs to be taken when compaing features and making a choice between the various packages available.

In order to ensure that we have online accounting solutions to suit the needs of our small business clients we have partnered with two independent software providers, Kash Flow and Liberty Accounts to provide clients with a choiceof simple to use online accounting software.

For clients with more complex needs E-conomic may prove to be a better choice.

To sign up for a FREE trial of these packages click on the following links.

A comparison of these, and a number of other bookkeeping solutions will be added shortly.