Alderwick James Financial Services


Alderwick James Financial Services is a joint venture we have established to enable our clients to have access to independent financial advice.

As a chartered accountancy practice we have a protective authorisation through the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) which enables us to give generic advice that is incidental to our normal tax and accounting services without infringing the Financial Services Act. This means, for example, that whereas we can suggest that a client contributes to a pension we cannot recommend any particular pension scheme provider.

What we can do however, to ensure clients receive suitable advice, is make introductions to "authorised third parties" who are directly regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Under ICAEW ethical guidelines such introductions can only be to "independent" advisers who provide "whole market advice" (ie we cannot make introductions to advisers who restrict their recommendations in any way).

It is not always sufficientlty clear whether advisers who hold themselves out as independent meet the criteria set out by the ICAEW.

Alderwick James Financial Services was set up specifically to provide the independent advice required by the ICAEW to any clients who need to be introduced to an adviser.